Regular Karate classes, all at Hogarth Dojo

Price is £7 for adults and £5 for children. Beginners welcome

With Sensei Tony Heap 8th Dan

Tuesday 19.30-21.00

Saturday 11.00-12.30

Other classes

Monday 17.30-19.00 Martial fitness with Sensei Steve West 6th Dan

Thursday 20.00-22.00 with Sensei Jakub Romanowski 4th Dan

For more information please email Eugene


Children’s classes with Senseis Steve West 6th Dan, Paul Clampin 4th Dan,

Fred Lucas 4th Dan and Kevin Butler 3rd Dan

Monday 17.00-18.00

Wednesday 17.00-1800

Saturday 10.00-11.00

For more details please email Sensei Steve West